Once you get into a public shelter in Romania you can not continue life as if nothing happened, completely change your life, then you know what helplessness, suffering and despair ... .

That happened in my case. In autumn 2010, one of the dog I feed daily on the street disappeared. After a week I heard from those in the area that she was taken by dogcatchers to be sterilized and will bring back. I did not know what means dogcatchers, what means public shelter or where is this shelter. Asking I learned more and desperate I went to look for the little dog that I fed each morning. I arrived in a camp, I saw dead animals, hungry and weak, crammed in into tiny boxes without water or food, desperate to get out ... In one corner I spotted the little dog i searched for, was looking poor, hungry, desperate, bitten by the neck and hit in the head. I took her in my home and stayed Rita, most loyal, intelligent and good dog.
As soon as I recovered from the shock I sent notices to all the authorities in Romania and almost all organizations. The shelter was closed shortly but no one knows officially what happened to all dogs was there ...

Meanwhile, in the small town in Romania (Rosiorii de Vede) on a street full of dogs, the situation became unbearable. The dogs multiplied and dying each day hit by cars, disease, hunger, people.
In 2011 one of the dogs that I care on street disappeared also. After long searching I found that it is possible to be in public shelter, shelter that I knew was closed! This time I hardly entered in the shelter and the dog I looking for was not there, but there were others equally desperate, hungry, thirsty like the first time I entered. I tried again to make referrals, but this time without success. I understand that they will die unless someone come and help and overwhelmed and alone against all, I tried to do more for them to end the ordeal. After desperate attempts to seek help from other organizations I understand that everyone has their problems and are often overwhelmed. So I decided to personally get involved if I want to save them and found social networks where I met special people who shared the same feelings towards stray animals as me.

Its passed months without I was able help them, many died of hunger, thirst, sick and alone in the cold and darkness, without being able to move in small cages in which they were captured. Nobody wanted them, and despair and helplessness dominated my mind and soul. I wanted to quit as I was sure that nobody will help or adopt a stray dog from Romania.
On the evening of July 8, 2011 I received a message, only by the way, a nice lady from Finland wanted to adopt the little puppy from me, Hienunţa. A month later, after much hesitation, fears and emotions, Hienunţa arrived in Finland to her new family and became Hulda, little Finnish princess. How fate is not always right, Hulda had a chance to live a normal life, full of love and care only briefly when it was discovered that she had a kidney malformation from birth. Hulda is now a very beloved angel, is and will always be in our hearts.

Hulda Animal Protection Association was established by Stanescu Cornelia in 2013 with the support of several special people who helped and supported me from day one, in the memory of Hulda who taught us what it means Hope, Union, Love and Dedication for Animals.
Thank you all and I will never forget your support!

About Organization

Asociaţia Pentru Protecţia Animalelor HULDA is a non-profit, non-governmental, no-kill, organization that was founded by a small group of dedicated romanian-german people in 2013. After more than two years volunteering in animal rescue, the story quickly became swamped with stray dogs overpopulation and the founders were concerned about the tragedy of dogs life in Rosiori De Vede, Teleorman area, specifically dog life into public shelter and we decide to do much more for animals and so was born HULDA.

Our Mission

We believe that the best way to prevent pet overpopulation, animal cruelty and euthanasia of animals in shelters was to cooperate, learn and help authorities to took the right measure - impose spaying/neutering programs and severely punish the abandon, stop euthanasia, improve shelter dogs's life environment, encourage adoption, as HULDA does today.

We animals

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