Adopt a dog

Adoptions are the most important part of our rescue. Every day there are dogs in desperate need, on the streets or in the local public shelter. Without people willing to open their hearts and homes to adopt these dogs, these homeless dogs will never have a normal life and they will probably die!

Unfortunately, we don't have our own shelter or foster homes for all the dogs in our care. These dogs currently are staying in the public shelter, private clinic or/and dog pension (depends on their health, list of emergency, our available funds, pension reception capacity, etc.) until we find them the forever home, or a foster, or a sponsor to be able to cover their bills.
Please consider providing to any of them a forever home, or a foster home and help us save another poor dog in need of everything. If you can't find a dog that meets your needs, please complete the form called Description of Dog Wanted. We will keep this form on file for 6 months. Having this form on file allows us to priority notify you when we have a pet that fits the criteria you stated on your form.
If you can’t adopt or foster but still want to help, please make a donation towards their bills expenses (accommodation, medical care, transport, etc.).

All our dogs receive a legalized EU pet passport, are dewormed internal and external, microchipped, full vaccinated and are spayed or neutered before they leave the country. Pups with an age under 5 months are too young for being neutered / spayed. It depends on the mellowness and the health status of the pups, if they are old enough to be neutered / spayed.

April 23, 2020


Information Dieses süße Mädchen heißt Zola und ist ungefähr 4 Jahre jung. Sie hat eine Schulterhöhe von ca. 50 cm und wiegt in etwa 20 kg. […]
April 23, 2020


Tyra – female, around 2 – 4 years old, very loving with her pups and also all other pups in the shelter and well-compatible with other […]
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