We provide different ways to you for getting involved and use your commitment essential, for supporting our project.

Make a financial donation

We are a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit organization, that do not receive funds from the Romanian authorities or European funds. We are dependent 100% on private donations, fundraising events and adoption fees, to be able to help the dogs in Roșiorii de Vede. We happily accept your donations, no matter the amount / quantity, even 1,00 € makes the difference.

Each day, every hour stray dogs are killed in Romania, if they do not have the luck, to be rescued by an animal protector. The more donations we receive, the more unwanted, injured or abandoned dogs we can rescue and care for.

HULDA founders and members are non paid staff. We calculate for a typical year, that we spend just between 5% and 10% of our general income on employee salary, like gasoline, printing and legalization of documents, maintenance of website, as well as for training, planning and projects regarding our management. A detailed list of expense can be found within our Annual Report.

Your donations will go towards the care of our dogs. This includes the purchase of medicine and food for the dogs in the public shelter and on the streets of Roșiorii de Vede, the payments for microchips, vaccinations and documents, castrations / sterilizations, veterinary treatments, potential necessary transports of our dogs, the payments for the accommodation for our dogs and the purchase for the construction and renovation of the public shelter building.

Donate by bank transfer

Account holder: Appa HULDA
Bank name: CEC Bank
Address: Roșiorii de Vede, Romania

Donate via Paypal

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